Sunday, September 19, 2010

Old Quebec City (Night)

As promised, here's a picture taken at the same spot at night. Hope you like it!

Old Quebec City Street (Day)

This is another photo from Old Quebec City of one of the most busy streets there. I was standing at the top of a large staircase which leads down to the street. I have another photograph I took at the same spot at night which I will be posting later.

It's a beautiful place, especially since it's right along a large river. If you ever have the opportunity it's a place well worth visiting.

Nobody Knows (Dare mo shiranai)

Cover from:

Nobody Knows is a heart-wrenching tale of Japanese family of five, four kids and their mother. They all live in a small apartment where children are not allowed, only the oldest child, a twelve year old boy named Akira is known to be living with his mother.

The mothers disregard for her children is extremely frightening. Akira has always been in charge of his brothers and sisters, shopping, cooking, and doing much more for them, but when his mother is gone for longer and longer periods of time he is forced to do more and more. He is forced to do the work of a father, not the work of a twelve year old boy.

This film is one of the most depressing and extremely beautiful films that I have seen in a while. The harsh reality these kids have, and the lack of parenting, schooling, and much more makes you feel for them. This film is truly beautiful, and I strongly recommend watching it. (It's also available on Netflix instantly)